AAIP conducts 3-day training workshop in Bamyan province

This three-day training workshop is focusing on ‘Importance of wheat crop breeding and adoption of experimental design’. It started on 17th of July and will last for three days at Mula Ghulam Farm in Bayman province. AAIP is conducting this training in collaboration with MAIL and DAIL of Bamyan province.

Around 30 employees from Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of Bayman province attend the training. Mr. Sebghatullah Sayedpoor, AAIP Experimental Design Specialist; and Abdul Wahid Ferozi AAIP Bamyan Regional Plant Breeder are conducting the training.

Mr. Sher Hassan, training officer of AAIP stated purpose of the workshop: “this training is aimed to boost capacity building of local DAIL employee in relevant expertise.”

Afghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project (AAIP) has planned to train around 7000 people in various sectors of agriculture through in-country trainings and Bayman training is part of this series.


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