Kunduz Research Farm


This farm was established during 1314-1318 (1935-1939) and covers 504 Jeribs land, 170 Jeribs of the mentioned area is arable and the remaining 141 Jeribs is devoted to residential apartments, buildings for offices and etc. It is   located alongside Kunduz-Baghlan highway. The soil of this farm is suitable for the research and experimentation on diverse plants. In 1390 (2011), the Ministry of Agriculture spent Afs 335,000.00 (thirty three lacs and fifty thousand Afghanis) on leveling the farm area and the overall rehabilitation of this farm. The Ministry also spent approximately Afs 40 million for the construction of boundary walls of the farm.

Current situation:

During the civil war, 193 Jeribs of this farm was occupied by the commanders and warlords. The PHDP organization has established an orchard collection at 24 Jeribs of this farm. In addition, Department of Agriculture has used another 30 Jeribs for orchard, fruits garden. The rest of the 116 Jeribs land of the farm is arable and irrigated with 2 deep-wells and canals. The research experiments take place on the vegetables, fruits, cereals, herbals and legumes etc. 28 personnel are employed to work, and however, 14 of these personnel are contracted staff (ajeer). The boundary walls around the farm are well constructed and help the farm protection. Following are infrastructures of the farm:

The farm is equipped with a building for the research purposes, 2 wells, canals, fenced surrounding wall, an old parking for the vehicles and four tractors, 2 Disc plough of 9 blades, a disc, 2 Disc plough of 3 blades, 2 seed cleaners, one thresher,  2 plot thresher, one head thresher, one furrow disc plough, plotter, laser level,2 seeders, gene machine and air machine. Improved seed and new verities of  plants are the major products of this farm.


  1. Digging another deep well with 6 inches diameter, 100 meters depth and a room for the transformer and a 300 cubic meter water storage and 1200 meter in-land plumbing (pipes) with 10 chuck valves for water management.
  2. Fencing the research building with 368 meters length.
  3. Construction of a workshop equipped with all the required tools for repairing the agriculture machinery and employment of the technicians/mechanics.
  4. Construction of a 3-rooms building for Gene Bank.
  5. Construction of a well-equipped laboratory for soil diagnosis.
  6. Reconstruction of the research department’s current building.
  7. Construction of two greenhouses which could be used for the long-run.
  8. Procurement of 1 automobile and 6 motor-cycles.
  9. Procurement of 6 desktop computers and 2 laptops and provision of internet facility for the offices.
  10. Procurement of two seed counters and a seed drills for research and experimentation.
  11. Provision of 10 Felco-2 pruning scissors, 6 pcs large pruning scissors,5 liquid sprayers, 2 liquid spray machines and one large electric saw.