Baharak Research Farm

Baharak Farm is located   45 kms away from the centre, FaizAbad city and it lies 1500 meters above the sea level. This farm has loam soil and kuli loam and its irrigated through canals. It has 8 technical staff and 6 contracted  staff. The following plants are cultivated for the experimentation and multiplication purpose in the farm: wheat, corn, vegetables, fruits and oil plants.

It is worth mentioning that the farm is covering 40 Jeribs land, however, it does not have a fence and lacks agriculture  machinery and equipment’s.


  • A big Belarus tractor along with its equipments, a complete set of thresher, a pickup vehicle should be provided to the farm.
  • The farm needs boundary wall constructed with stone masonry and concrete mortar.
  • A warehouse needs to be built for the storage  of seeds.
  • A garage.
  • A shelter for the agriculture equipments and tools.
  • Small agricultural tools like saw for pruning the branches, hats to have protection from the sun, tent, office carpet, wooden cupboard, small and large scissors, a grafting set, grafting knife, shovel and its handle,  pickaxe, wheel burrow,  thread,  cotton bags for the research experiments, plastic bags for the saplings, plastic and cloth sacks should be purchased for the farm.
  • A 3*6*20 greenhouse should be constructed inside the farm
  • 50 kg animal fertilizer, 100 sacks DAP fertilizer and 100 sacks of urea fertilizer should be provided for the daily use and experiments carried out in the farm.