Siol Survey, Sampling & Classification

Department of Soil Survey and Sampling

Soil is one of important source in agriculture because, without soil no existence agriculture. For the effective use of agricultural soils, must do research on that.Till the farmers can obtain high quality and high quality products. Sake soil research Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and livestock establishment Soil Research Directorate, Survey andSampling Soil Department Inspection under the direction of the Department of Soil Research and is one of the important sections of this department. Responsibilities of the Survey and Sampling Department are the systematic and scientific study of agricultural soils includes surveying, sampling, classification, properties and descriptions and sampling water and pant for lab analysis. The main purpose of the soil survey and sampling is to provide more predictions, more accurate and useful predictions for specific purposes, otherwise, if there is no any data on soils, no sensible results can be obtained. Before examining theother soil sections there should be doing soil survey and sampling on the field.Without soil survey and sampling information do not get accurate results.

Main duties of soil survey and sampling department:

1- Soil survey and sampling.

  1. Data collection and analysis, Soil survey, sampling and classification.

3- Collecting and save the data of the survey, sampling and classification center and provinces.

4- To provide information for private individuals.