Vegetable Crops

Vegetable improvement Research Department History

Horticulture Department included in the chart of(ARIA) Agricultural Research Institute of Afghanistan in 2014 for improvement of gardening and vegetables. Farmers trained in gardening improvement and vegetable agricultural operations according to the job description. Vegetable isone of the important branch of agriculture ,better source of vitamins ( A,B,C),carbohydrates ,mind materials and beneficial for human health and has important role in food digestion .Development of vegetable has special role in agricultural sector and income of the country and also establishing work for afghan people. Use of vegetables are valuable in human daily food. Amount of use of vegetables are different in different countries ,research of the advance countries show  utilisation of  200 gr of fresh vegetables per day for every person is necessary, with regularly use of  nutrition everyone can live properly reduce diseases and increase life.Although result of the advance countries prominent that there are relationship between food that we use and serious diseases like heart and mind diseases and vegetables with vitamins ,minerals,proteins and glucose which is available in vegetables inhibit the mentioned diseases so ,vegetable has special value in human feeding.With above advantageous and instructions of the specialists of ARIA most of the farmers cultivate vegetables.Unfortunately they are using  local seeds which are infected  with diseases and causes  less result at the end for the farmers.Therefore Agriculture Ministry for solving future problems comprise Vegetable Improvement Research Department with 7 specialists in the chart of ARIA in 2014 to continue vegetable activities independently ,as we know basic research in this case is limited so ARIA contacted several times with International Vegetable Research Stations to provide and send us  good quantity  and better  quality lines for adaptive and climatic research in different zones of our country .So vegetable department received lines and varieties of tomato ,onion seed ,potato tubers and True Potato Seed(TPS) which in  15 trails(in second duration of experiment) are planted in 6 research stations in spring of 2017 according to the plan with related specialists as follows:

S.No Vegetables Lines varieties No of trails Research stations
1 Tomato 10 – 9 -7 3 Kabul ,Perwan ,Herat
2 Onion 7 3 Kabul ,Ghor ,Herat
3 Potato(tuber) 6 – 9 6 Kabul ,Herat, Bamyan
4 Potato(producing mini tuber from TPS 5 1 Kabul
5 Planting veg. nurseries for research . 1 Kabul
6 Planting of mushroom spawn in different medias. 1 Kabul
Total 15

As farmers of our country with their women and  family members are taking part in this advantageous business which beside feeding their family can sell surplus products in local markets and exported abroad  and earn enough currency for their economy development and finally can help our country budget.

According to the plan ARIA train farmers with interweaving  of Vegetable Department specialist by national and education T.V about benefit of plastic and glass houses and farmers ,members of cooperative ,students of the Faculty of Agriculture and agriculture Institutes  visiting operationally work of vegetables activities in the plastic houses in the research farms,we hope farmers  not only in summer , also during  winter can  produce high quantity with high quality vegetables and take part in food security ,reducing poverty,  establishing  business directly or indirectly for most of the farmers and we hope increasing different kind of vegetables in the whole of Afghanistan.


Producing of better quality with high quantity agricultural products, introducing new improved varieties of vegetables by using recent methods of-scientific agricultural research.


Duration of the above experiments are not completed yet we hope-with completion of its-high quantity with good quality and vast climatic condition vegetables will be realising and introducing  to the farmers in the whole country.

Future plans:

Above experiments will be implemented in the research stations. If Vegetable Department received new vegetable lines or new technologies will be included in the future plan as will.

Mini tubers produced in
Qargha vegetable farm

TPS planting in trays
TPS(true Potato Seed

mini tuber produced