Charter of ANSCU finalized

Afghanistan National Seed Companies Union (ANSCU) was established when seeds private enterprises decided to change legal statute of Afghanistan National Seed Organization – ANSOR in June 2016. The newly established organization is bound to have endorsed charter for its activities.

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock – MAIL – has pledged to support ANSCU and therefore a meeting was recalled by MAIL deputy minister Mr. Mir Amanuddin to assess and finalize its charter.

For having a holistic charter that could match policy and vision of MAIL representatives from AAIP, ANSCU, CIMMYT, ICARDA, NSB, ARIA and senior advisor and deputy head of NSB Mr. Mirdad Panjshiri, director of seed certification and director of cereal have attended the meeting.

During this one-day meeting first the members first finalized and named the union as ‘Afghanistan National Seed Companies Union’ – ANSCU. Later on, they discussed and meticulously went through each article of the charter to see whether it could easily match policy of MAIL.

Deputy Minister Mr. Mir Amanuddin called the establishment of ANSCU a landmark achievement and insisted that each article of the charter should support vision and mission of MAIL so that in the future a more smooth cooperation between MAIL and ANSCU could be easily established.

Later on Mr. Mirdad Panjshiri, senior advisor and deputy head of NSB, explored importance of seeds and its industrialization in Afghanistan. In concluding remarks Mr. Panjshiri congratulated the endorsement of the charter and vowed to help and cooperate with ANSCU.


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