Chaar Dara Research Farm


Chaar Darra’s research farm is  located in  the west of Chaar Darra district, covering approximately  174 Jeribs. Out  of  that 143 Jeribs are arable and the rest is comprised of roads, canals, and soil mounts. In 1383 (2004), ICARDA assisted to construct a 2-room building inside the farm.

Current situation:

The farm lacks the boundary walls and at the southern side of the farm, a high school is built inside the territory of the farm occupying  5 Jeribs. ICARDA financed USD 30,000 to construct a building inside the farm. Presently, the security check-post is settled in that building. This farm is blessed with a large amount of water through canals and fertile land. The farm is covered with approximately 38 plantain trees. As a result of security turbulence in the area, for  the last 3 years, this farm has been rented at  approximately Afs257,000  annually. There are remaining of ruins/demolished houses at the eastern side of the farm which was constructed by an employee of the farm. The director of the farm has currently demolished those constructions. Few canal bridges are functional and according to the director of the farm, he has financed 60 % of the construction cost of the bridges from his own pocket. This farm has two employees.


Due to sufficient water and fertile soil this farm is very important; its rehabilitation needs the following:

  • The farm needs to have boundary walls.
  • Since the farm’s ground has ups and downs, therefore, it needs to be leveled.
  • The farm is big enough and it cannot be managed by two personnel, therefore, new recruitments of the technical persons should be considered.
  • Another priority is the office equipments for the farm.