Khoshi Research Farm

Previously, Agriculture Research Management unit was active at the Sharezar Research farm and was covering 406 Jeribs. As per the decision of the  provincial governor and in agreement with the head of agriculture department of that time and the  president decree, it was associated with the municipality of Kapisa.  According to the MAIL minister’s order, currently, 30 Jeribs of government land is proposed at Shokhi area to be used as agriculture research farm.

The followings are required activities for the establishment of the research farm at Shokhi area:

  • construction of the farm’s boundary wall with mortar and stone masonry.
  • Residential building.
  • Parking Shelter for
  • A warehouse.
  • A tractor along with relevant equipments.
  • A thresher.
  • A truck for load transportation.
  • Construction of 20
  • Usage of chemicals for drainage.


  • 3 laptop computer along with printer.
  • A photocopy machine
  • A digital camera for photography
  • A weighing scale for weighing the cereals grains.
  • 3 motor-cycles.
  • 2 cupboard for the seeds’ storage
  • 6 pruning scissors for branches.
  • 6 saw for the pruning of the branches.
  • 500 kgs DAP chemical fertilizer
  • 3 green houses

The approximate budget to provide/procure the above mentioned items  is 700,000 USD.