Taluqan Baghe Zakheera Research Farm


This farm started its research activities in 1382 (2003) and it is the only research farm at the provincial level as well as a training centre for the university students, gardeners and farmers. In 1383 (2004),  70 Jeribs of this farm was officially transmitted to the research management unit. Previously, from this 70 Jeribs, 30 Jeribs was temporarily given to the ACC where this organization  built a 3-rooms building. After the end of the project, the ACC  organization  handed over the area along with the building to the general research management unit which is currently used by the research personnel.

Presently, 15 Jeribs of the area is covered with mother board fruit trees including grapes, almonds, apricot, plum, apples, pears and pistachio.  These fruits  covered 8 Jeribs at the south and 7 Jeribs at the north of the farm.  Along the in-farm pathways, pine trees like evergreen trees, morpan and gul ghars are planted. Shelter For Life  Company  constructed a warehouse, havingr 30 Mt capacity . The management of this farm has been successful to fence the garden in 1390 (2011) through repeated reminders to the relevant ministry. Presently, the garden is well-secured.

Current situation:

The farm is situated at the centre of Taluqan city and covers 70 Jeribs land. This farm is devoted  for researches on seeds and seed multiplication and also on fruit and non-fruit trees’ saplings.  Every year a large number of s saplings are distributed to the gardeners of this province. Since this farm is surrounded with residential houses, therefore the research activities is always disturbed by the kids and other residents. This farm has a demolished 3- rooms building which needs immediate reconstruction. 6 technical staff, 9 supporting staff including a guard, a cleaner t and a driver  for tractor are employed in this farm. However, the number of the  supporting  and technical staff are not enough and it is anticipated that in the coming years, new recruitments should be considered. Unfortunately, in the present situation, the research and forestry farm has been altered to a recreation park for the locals. In spite of the fence around  the farm, the  number  of the visitors has been increasing and the farm’s staff are unable to  control them. It is therefore requested to the concerned authorities of the Takhar province to take immediate action to prevent visitors from further damaging.


  • 2 tractors, 2 threshers, 2 tractors for the gardens and small agricultural tools ( 10 grafting sets, plot thresher, Spite thresher marker ruler) as well as agricultural equipments and technical tools needs to be purchased.
  • 5 green houses is required to be built in the farm for the research on the vegetables, flower growing, fruit trees saplings.
  • An 8-room building with a corridor, washrooms (for men and women) and a conference room for 100 persons at a time, kitchen in both the storeys, an equipped building for germoplasm and another equipped laboratory for the insects.
  • A deep-well should be dug; a water-pump and a generator with 25 horsepower should be provided for the irrigation of the farm at the times of water shortage.
  • Procurement of 10 laptops, 10 plank solar, 2 printers, scanner, photocopier, projector, fan, AC, digital camera, digital telephone and internet facility should be provided.
  • Procurement of weighing scale ( 2 kgs) and 50 kg weighing scale.
  • 2 vehicles, 5 motor-cycles.
  • 3 set furniture, carpets to be procured for the decoration of the office.
  • Negotiations should be made with the authorities of the Takhar province to immediately prevent  the people from entering into the farm.