Maidani Hawae Research Farm


This farm is located adjacent to the airport. At the north of the farm, is the boundary of the airport, at the south and eastern side, it is surrounded by the Harirod River. At the western side, it is adjacent to the disaster management  department’s warehouses, which is currently being used as an agriculture warehouse. This farm was established for agriculture research in 1348 (1969) during the time of Mohammad Hanif Khan’s, former Governor of the Ghor province. He would value and love agriculture. This farm has covered 58.75 hectares land. Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock has authorized the National Defence Ministry  to use 25 hectares of this farm. Therefore, the defence ministry has constructed its  own infrastructures  and the rest of the farm is used for the agriculture research.

This farm cultivates and researches on vegetables, cereals, fruit and non-fruit plant nurseries. Currently, 30 Jeribs is used for the saplings and the remaining of the land is not used for the time being . This farm is irrigated through water pump from the Harirod river. It is worth mentioning that a large canal from the Pozi leech dam is under construction and in the near future , it will provided irrigation water  to the farm.

Current situation:

30 Jeribs of this farm is used for the cultivation of the vegetables and plant nurseries and the rest is unused.  It has two personnel and a water pump is also exist  in this farm.


  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation of the farm.
  • Recruitment of the personnel.
  • Recreation park should be constructed.
  • Non-fruit trees for the attraction of the park should be planted.
  • Flowers for the attraction and beauty should be planted.
  • Benches should be fixed in the park for better services of the people.