Darul Aman Research Farm


This farm was established in 1338 (1959) by the Ministry of Agriculture with the financial assistance of USAID on 30 hectares land. In its initial days, this farm was known as an international research farm as a result of its fundemental and scientific activities. The activities of this farm had focus on cereals, pulses, industrial plants and seri-culture. Relevant technologies were also provided through the extension to the farmers. Previously this farm was irrigated through canals, however, presently,  due to lack of availability of enough water and destruction of the canals, two deep wells (semi-functional) irrigate the farm. These wells do not meet the requirements of the farm.

Current situation:

  • Three sides of the farm have ordinary walls and the fourth side is fenced.
  • The farm does not have an office.
  • A conex container is used as the office for the farm.
  • The area of the farm is not properly divided into plots.
  • The pathways of the farm are not proper shaped and paved.
  • The canals of the farm are old and demolished.
  • The farm does not have an effective irrigation system.
  • All the parts of the farm are ready for cultivation, however, due to the obstacles, only 12 Jeribs are under the cultivation for the research experiments.
  • Besides the farm’s wall, municipality’s garbage- bins are placed.
  • No electric junction is installed in the farm.
  • The farm does not have warehouses and shelters.
  • The farm has 2 deep-wells.
  • 3 tractors, 2 big threshers and 3 small threshers are exist in the farm.
  • Lack of availability of agriculture related staff.


  • Construction of office building.
  • Construction of gene bank for the protection and safety of plant germo plasm.
  • Establishment of an effective irrigation system.
  • Construction of farm’s walls.
  • Plotting the farm in a basic and modern way.
  • Construction of the canals.
  • Construction of a recreation park.
  • Construction of water reservoir.
  • Procurement of a speedy vehicle.