General Director of ARIA

Speech of general director of agricultural research institute of Afghanistan (ARIA)

All searches and enquiry agriculture research since its establish to find better ways , new releasing plant varieties , resistance and fertile animal breeding , scientific , effective and suitable technologies to increase quality and quantities of agriculture productions , animal production and developing sustainable livelihood of farmers, society , result welfare and access all citizens to food .

By comprehension and big prophecy of ARIA accordance to strategic program of ministry of agriculture , irrigation and livestock (MAIL ) and national priorities and needs of farmers society and demand of increasing population to food and food diversity .

Broad research program and plans in different agriculture section from conducting wheat basic research to applied and conductive research to improve different plant, animal breeding improvement  , finding suitable amount of seed rate , proper sowing time , use suitable amount of  chemical fertilizer , organic fertilizer , diagnostic better way of controlling animal and plant disease and pest , finding effective irrigation system to increase agriculture production and productivity and decrease losses and waste . Finding better soil fertility system effective and economical use of agriculture machinery, adoptability of plant with soil and climate in different agro-climatic zone, scientific research has been trial in research stations (farm).

A huge outcome in this arena include production and introducing and releasing new plant varieties, productive and resistance disease and drought. Production of breeder seeds of different crops for foundation and certified seeds. Survey of soil sample from different provinces all over the country for analysis, diagnostic and classification, soil fertility, soil mapping, animal research for knowing better character to improve animal breeds.

Finding better feeding system, all these efforts and hardworking is the result of agriculture research program through specialists and ARIA staff in agriculture research stations (farms)

To flagrant and reflect such as visible and effective activities , leadership of ARIA reporting and held scientific conference from the result of agriculture research experiments by participation leaders of ministry of agriculture irrigation and livestock (MAIL) , directors , university professors , representative of international NGOs , representative of seed enterprise , institutes students , specialists , ARIA staff in center and provinces .

  Research outcomes, scientific articles and topics have been published by ARIA, staff in national agriculture research journal.

General directorate of ARIA from vast agriculture scientific research activities by specialists in such condition that there is lack of budget and less opportunity , gain a maximum  benefit , in such condition the ARIA staff follow their jabs regularly and properly . They reflected and published scientific agriculture research on different crops by different topics under nine articles following first, second and third volume journal in 2023.

Therefore we appreciate honestly from all specialists and researchers and their hard work and their endless efforts for famers, their people and country.