About Us:

Agricultural Research Institute of Afghanistan (ARIA) was founded by the former king Mohammad Zahir Shah in 1959. ARIA was established with clear purpose and mandate to fulfil the conomic and social aspirations of the farming communities of this country. The focused strategies were placed on the development of diversified agricultural production technologies for the sustainable agriculture production system at village levels in Afghanistan. Keeping in view, the urban and rural socio-economic situations diversified agricultural research programs were identified, established, promoted and implemented by ARIA to sustain the economy, food security and livelihood at district and village levels.
Thus, a comprehensive infrastructure was started / developed at national and regional levels with the establishment of 17 regional research stations under different agro-ecological regions. At ARIA,3 research directorates covering field crops, soil science, livestock and forestry were established to develop agricultural production technologies including new
varieties and products through innovative research approaches. Interestingly, ARIA initiated diversified research programs on various field crops like cereal crops (wheat, barley, rice, maize), horticultural& vegetable crops, legume crops, oilseed crops, industrial crops,production technologies, soil management, plant protection, livestock improvement & management and forestry management. Presently, more than 120 scientific staffs (1 PhD, 20 MSc, 81 BSc and 12 high school graduate)are working on various research programs throughout country and contributing directly in the development of indigenous production technologies in the field of agriculture research. However, to feed the need of this country, ARIA is not fully equipped with required infrastructure and working manpower.