Siol Lab Division

Lab department
According to the previous structure of ARIA, department of soil was established, by passing of time and expansion of different activities department of soil sampling and classification, soil mapping and soil fertility and reclamation was separated in 1394. The main important activities of lab department are soil Chemical, physical, biological analysis and also fertilizer and plant analysis nowadays lab department staff are working in soil analysis of Afghanistan soil sampling classification and mapping project.
Staff chart:


Analysis are available in soil lab:
1. pH
2. EC
3. OM
4. %N
5. %CaCO3
6. Texture of soil
7. Three phase
8. soil color
9. soil Bulk density
10. % soil moisture nowadays these libratory analysis are available too
11. ppm of K
12. ppmSO4
13. ppm of P2O5
14. CEC
15. %OC
16. %Water holding capacity
17. %water retaining capacity
18. DAP fertilizer analysis